The Holistic Business Podcast Episode 204: Why No One Is Buying. Sarah M. Chappell stands in the woods and looks up with a hand behind her ear.

Why No One Is Buying

If you’ve ever asked yourself “why are my sales so low?” this episode is for you. Take a listen so the next time you launch an offer to crickets, you know how to assess and take action.

Does your offer suck?

You spent weeks developing a new offer that highlights your areas of expertise. You sat in front of your computer for hours in Canva designing graphics. You made a sales page and changed the link in your bio. You told your followers how excited you were about your new offer, and a couple of your friends even shared your latest post.

And nothing happened.

Your website didn’t crash from an onslaught of incoming sales like you had imagined.

But this offer is amazing! You know it could really help people!

So what do you do now?

Now it’s time to assess. A lack of sales is, in and of itself, feedback. And it’s your job to do the detective work to determine what this feedback is telling you.

Lucky for you, Sarah M. Chappell, business coach and founder of the Holistic Business Academy, is outlining exactly how to do that detective work in this week’s episode. She’s sharing her experience with failed offers, the four primary culprits of low sales, and how to take action after assessing the situation.

Tune in so you can do a little detective work in your own business and actually start selling your offers.


1:36—Lack of Sales as Feedback

2:20—You’re Not Actually Promoting It

5:32—Your Messaging is Ineffective

10:00—Your Audience is Saturated

12:20—Your Offer Sucks

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