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Do You...

Start your day refreshing your email or scrolling on Instagram, hoping that somebody has sent you a message asking about your work?

Have no idea where to focus your energy in your business or how to even communicate what you do, leading to confusion and burnout?

Feel like you’re trying everything to find and connect with your dream customers, but all that effort never seems to pay off?

Worry about raising prices because you care about serving others—even if it means you can’t pay your bills or give back?

It's time to grow your business
so you can increase your income and impact
and you don't have to do it alone


Choosing self-care and spiritual practice as the foundation for serving at your highest level in business, trusting your innate intuition

Having a community of collaborators at your fingertips, ready to enthusiastically encourage and gently offer accountability​

Easily charging what you want and need, because you believe in the value of your work and your own worthiness to be supported

Knowing the exact steps to take to find your ideal customers and create lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with them​

What would be possible if you chose to make magic and money, letting your intuition guide your strategy?


The Holistic Business Academy® is your soul-centered entrepreneurial community where magic and marketing join forces to grow businesses and change lives.

This is where you’ll find folks who use tarot cards alongside Convertkit, mixing intuition and strategy to create aligned action that brings in more clients, more money, and more possibility.

You’ll learn the business skills and techniques you need to grow while supporting your wellbeing and centering service, and have the continued accountability and feedback to actually use those skills, take action, and meet your goals.

At the Holistic Business Academy, we believe that small business is a most magnificent magic with the ability to directly impact lives and change communities.

Does this sound like you?

Do you want more clients and customers?

Do you prioritize working from a place of service and are ready to finally be properly compensated for it?

Do you want to choose collaboration over competition?

Do you want to leave perfectionism behind and step into action?

Do you want to finally learn how the fuck to market yourself in a way that gets you excited to share your work with the world?

Do you want to do all of these things in a supportive, welcoming community of spiritual entrepreneurs just like you?

What You Get When You Join
The Holistic Business Academy

The Holistic Business Framework

A step-by-step system to identify, attract, and secure your ideal clients using fundamental marketing techniques that work regardless of the ever-changing tech and social media landscape. The Framework consists of over 70 trainings that distill the process of growing a holistic business into actionable steps that hold you accountable to your goals and your vision. All videos have captions and are fully keyword searchable.

Monthly Asset Reviews

Opportunity to submit your sales assets such as landing pages, sales pages, Facebook ads, and emails for review on a live group Zoom call so you can produce content that converts those ideal clients into actual paying clients. 

Monthly Laser Coaching

A live group call on Zoom video conferencing each month to address energetic and mindset blocks so you can stop obsessing and start acting.

Business Magic Resources

A growing resource library of tarot spreads, guided meditations, and trainings for every challenge the soul-centered entrepreneur faces so you’ll never be stuck without the spiritual tools to guide your journey of service.

Monthly Astroweather Reports

Business-focused monthly astrology reports by professional astrologer Charm Torres so you can harness the energy of the stars and plan your business according to astrological tides.

Guest Expert Training Library

Expert-led bonus workshops available on-demand covering critical business topics such as taxes, bookkeeping, legal considerations, Facebook ads, launch copywriting, and more.

HBA is must for anyone interested in starting and growing a business, who doesn't want to do things the prescribed, patriarchal capitalist way.
Lauren Haynes
Lauren Haynes
founder, wooden spoon herbs

What Spiritual Entrepreneurs Are Saying About The Holistic Business Academy

Since I've joined, I've decided to get serious about my business. I feel more confident and know that if I have a question/concern, I can go to the FB group or one of the calls for support. The step-by-step process in the framework is easy to follow and has allowed me to make shifts in my life. I'm paying more attention to my choices and doing the activities that generate more business.
Kat Hall
Virtual assistant
I have already surpassed my income & impact goals for this quarter and I’m beyond elated. I don’t have words to express gratitude for it!!!! My business has been expanding and I have been doing mindset work alongside it. I’m super duper grateful for this community!
Saba Umair
Mindset & Energy Mentor
Before joining HBA I knew that I wanted to find ways to help more people on-line, but I kept getting stuck in exactly how to do that, how to move forwards. After joining HBA, I gained more clarity on the work that I am offering, became more focused, became more aware of limiting beliefs that were preventing me from being more visible, and I actually began to implement the ideas that I’d been thinking about for quite some time but that had kept putting off.
Irene Bilton
Intuitive Healer
Blown away by the fact that I booked 150 readings in just the first 2 months of the year, completely booking out my schedule until I relaunch my offerings in late March. For context, I did about 52 readings in all of 2019. It’s funny bc I only expected to book around 30-40 readings, but Sarah’s voice was always in the back of my head saying “double your goal!” I did, and look what happened!
Kirah Tabourn
Before HBA I was a lost and scared business owner. I felt burnt out, unmotivated and uninspired. I also had a crushing feeling that I wouldn't be able to change things in my business to serve me and the life I want. So far I have been given clear and actionable tasks to find a way forward and through the fog and I absolutely feel that my goals are not only possible, but that I will reach and surpass them.​
Britton Boyd
Professional Witch
Because of the packages I launched because of HBA my January was 165% of my Jan 2020 and 168% of my Jan 2019. My February numbers are shaping up to be more of the same with patients scheduled throughout the week and I'm currently sitting at only 82% of my Feb 2020 and and 86% of my Feb 2019. This is huge because I'm currently only allowed to operate at 50% capacity!
Jessica Gustafson
I have been with HBA for a little over a year. I just completed my 3rd product launch. The course sold out with 12 days to spare. I used HBA for every step. The asset review calls were clutch, they helped me convert but they also gave me confidence. My 2021 earnings are projected to increase by 65% !
Chauna Bryant
Breathworth facilitator
Wholesale orders are going well and feeling just right. Sold out of clutches at HausWitch! And they are restocking. Also restocked wallets at a friends shop, so that means my webshop is almost sold out, which is my year end goal! AND completed a production project for a friends small biz, one of the largest invoices I've sent this year!
Cody Nowell

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