self-care for spiritual entrepreneurs

Put yourself at the top of your to-do list by harnessing the power of tarot, flower essences, and your own intuition to prioritize self-care


if you're like many spiritual entrepreneurs...


Putting yourself last in your business and life is a fast-track to doom scrolling on Instagram, feeling punched in the gut every time you see a new message notification, fantasizing about quitting it all and getting a job, sabotaging your bank account, and generally feeling like a #dumpsterfire. As a spiritual entrepreneur, you have tools in your kit, but if you aren’t using them (or they’ve stopped working) then they can’t support you in doing the work that you love.

Let’s add to the kit, together, with a carefully curated set of self-study courses specifically designed to activate your intuition, soothe your anxiety, and move you out of overwhelm and into action (even if that action is just taking a nap 😴).

grow your spiritual self-care kit

Inside your Self-Care for Spiritual Entrepreneurs bundle, you’ll learn to work through the lens of self-care, inviting nuance and compassion into your joys and challenges, and developing a deeper relationship to your tools so they can be true partners on your path. You get instant access to all of the courses so you can begin this work immediately.

The bundle takes you through a supportive, in-depth exploration of tarot as a tool for self-care in the Tarot for Self-Care course that guides you to calibrate your deck to your own unique spiritual gifts. From the creation of your own tarot cosmology to the step-by-step prompts to develop your personal tarot definitions, Tarot for Self-Care will ignite your intuition and self-trust.

You’ll then continue the journey in Flower Essences for Self-Care, a program that brings your tarot reflections into action with the subtle yet powerful energy healing modality of flower essences. You’ll learn how to make and use essences, and the powerful way to use tarot to work directly with plant spirits in crafting potent shifts for yourself (and your clients) so you can easily pinpoint and address imbalances.

Your bundle also includes three bonuses to expand your skills and deepen your ability to care for yourself: Your Tarot Year to make tarot a practical part of planning your goals, Tarot for Business to embed self-care and intuition into every aspect of your business, and Stone Essence Journey to grow your energy healing modalities by ethically and safely crafting your own stone essences.

Work through the courses one-by-one, or dip in as your soul calls: you have lifetime access to the programs and they’ll be here to hold you and guide you as needed.

"Learning tarot [with Sarah] has been absolutely life-changing for me! I love the layers of Tarot and the interconnectedness of them all. It's my new favorite tool in my toolkit for life."
ruth james
master lifecoach

your self-study courses include:

"Choosing Sarah as my mentor was the of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Sarah goes above and beyond for her students. If you are looking for a mentor, please check out Sarah’s program. It will be one of the best investments you’ve ever made. I highly recommend all of her work."
kat hall
virtual assistant

your complete bundle includes:


Harness the power of tarot to build trust in your intuition and confidently craft your future.

Module 1: Creating Your Tarot Cosmology
Discover what you believe about tarot, how it works for you, and how to activate that belief to support you as a tarot reader.

Modules 2-4: The Messages of the Major Arcana
Explore what the 22 Major Arcana cards want to share with you, and learn how to work with them in readings.

Modules 5-8: The Invitations of the Minor Arcana
Learn to integrate the Minor Arcana into your understanding of daily life to these 56 cards—and their reversals—are no longer daunting, but become a useful part of your practice.

Modules 9-10: Getting Clear on the Court Cards
Cut through to the core of the Court Cards so you can rely on them for important information rather than seeing them as the most confusing part of a tarot deck.

"I loved all of it, I'm such a newbie but you demystified tarot beautifully and made it accessible even for someone like me who knew nothing at all about it, so thank you! You are a very talented teacher and you made it really fun; I love that you could laugh at it all too and it wasn't too serious or doom and gloom."
rosie winter
florist and herbalist


Bring your tarot practice from reflection to action through the intuitive creation and application of subtle energetic flower essence remedies.

Module 1: WTF Are Flower Essences
Learn the formal rules and theory of flower essences—so you can bend and break them!

Module 2: The Magic of Making Flower Essences
Explore the techniques for making flower essences, and how to learn directly from the essences themselves.

Module 3: Tarot & Flower Essences for Self-Care
Incorporate flower essences into your tarot practice, so the clarity of the cards can pinpoint the shifts you desire to create.

Module 4: Tarot & Flower Essences for Friends, Family, & Clients
Expand your practice to include friends, family, and clients. Learn the ethics of flower essences, and how to support those you make them for.

Modules 5 & 6: Flower Essences to Know and Love
An exploration of over 20 known flower essences and their tarot correspondences to supplement your intuitive experience of essences.

"Sarah's course was such a wonderful experience. I felt unintimidated by the material, making it so much more accessible than past classes I'd attended. She's so encouraging and honest about her experiences, it inspired me to acknowledge my own vulnerability in a more compassionate way. Making [flower essence] medicine and gaining tools to help myself has truly shifted my reality. Such a gift! "
jordan saenz
dancer + maker

reserve the bundle today and also receive these bonuses:


Converse with some of the oldest beings on Earth. Learn the history of stone medicine, how to safely make stone essences, and when to choose stone over flower essences. This bonus includes a guided trance meditation to learn directly from the stones themselves!


It’s time to build the business of your dreams with the full support of tarot and the universe. In this course you’ll learn how to use tarot in the context of business, what cards you must know to read tarot for your business, the common pitfalls of reading tarot for business (there are many!) and how to avoid them, and unique spreads and systems for business planning, marketing, and more!


A complete tarot-based system to using tarot as a practical tool for planning and goal-setting  so you can start incorporating tarot into your life to harness your intuition and build a life you love. Learn key cards for predictions, using tarot for timelines, how to map your entire year ahead with tarot, and more.

"Tarot helps me plan my goals, but respectfully, realistically, reasonably. For the first time in my life, I’m making progress on an array of fronts, and with no sign of burnout. It's the soft structure of Your Tarot Year that's really getting me through. The gentle pace of reflective goal-setting, the tactile nature of shuffling, the visual familiarity of my cards, and the quiet insights are so, so, so helpful in this otherwise icky space."
katherine de vos devine

are you ready to fully support yourself to you bring your best work into the world?

you may be wondering...


The Self-Care for Spiritual Entrepreneurs bundle is only for…


self-care for spiritual entrepreneurs

  • Tarot for Self-Care ($497 value)
  • Flower Essences for Self-Care ($497 value)
  • BONUS: Tarot for Business ($197 value)
  • BONUS: Your Tarot Year ($197 value)
  • BONUS: Stone Essence Journey ($197 value)

have questions? we've got answers!

Maybe! The courses are designed through the lens of the Rider-Waite-Smith system. While the material can be applied to any deck, the Thoth system is not discussed.

Nope! I’m able to offer these robust courses for an amazingly low rate because we are not offering support. The programs are designed to be complete on their own and fully explore both common and uncommon challenges that emerge when learning the material.

Please note that both Tarot for Self-Care and Flower Essences for Self-Care were previously run as live experiences with calls and Facebook groups. While you may see passing references to those components in the course materials, they are not included with this bundle.

If you have technical issues, my team will be available to help you at

Nope. The Tarot and Flower Essences for Self-Care courses do not rely on esoteric correspondences or other magical systems. These programs are guided by intuition and the only correspondence that really matters: your own life.

Fuck no. Tarot, flower essences, and spiritual self-care are remarkable adjuncts to therapy and medication, but are not replacements for proper medical treatment. These courses do not diagnose or treat any diseases, and you are encouraged to seek outside support if necessary.

Definitely! You can reserve your bundle of only three monthly payments of $167. When the sale price is over, you can join for three monthly payments of $237.

Please be mindful that payment plans are NOT the same as a membership, and by entering into a payment plan, you are legally agreeing to complete your plan. Failure to do so will result in removal from the course access with no refund for previously processed payments. If you have an issue completing your plan or need to update your payment method, please email my team at

Nope! Due to the nature of online courses, we are unable to offer refunds. 

meet your guide

sarah m. chappell

Sarah is a tarot mentor and holistic business coach on a mission to help folks craft lives of self-care and service.

With over 15 years of sales, marketing, and communications experience, she now support healers, mystics, and makers in harnessing both strategy and intuition to make more money and help more people through her coaching and programs.

Sarah has been featured on USA Today, Well+Good, Healthline, The Temper, and Brit+Co, amongst others, and is the host of the iTunes Top 20 Spirituality podcast So You Wanna Be A Witch.

When not offering what has been called “*so* good and *so* ouchie” transformational support to her students and clients, Sarah hangs out with her dog and partner, tries to remember she loves knitting so she’ll actually do it, and reads. A lot.


self-care for spiritual entrepreneurs

  • Tarot for Self-Care ($497 value)
  • Flower Essences for Self-Care ($497 value)
  • BONUS: Tarot for Business ($197 value)
  • BONUS: Your Tarot Year ($197 value)
  • BONUS: Stone Essence Journey ($197 value)

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