Your Sustainable, Scalable Offer

Unlock the offer that will let you help more people in your business without being overbooked or underpaid—in just two days.


Are You Burnt Out In Your Business With Little To Show For It?

I hear this time and again from my students, especially passionate, soul-centered entrepreneurs who really want to be accessible and help more people…

Here’s the thing…your work is meant to reach more folks, and you’re ready to increase your impact while being properly paid for the transformation that you help your customers achieve.

But if you’re trying to do that through one-off sessions or with a course or program that has you creating new content constantly and makes you want to burn your business to the ground… 

You’re going to fail. 


I get it. In fact, I did fail—multiple times. I burnt myself out doing tarot readings and events and creating new courses constantly and posting on Instagram all day. I made myself so sick that I even shut down my business and got a j-o-b.

But now, I have a sustainable six-figure business that helps hundreds of clients each year while working normal hours and putting my own self-care first.

I’m not special. I just finally stopped doing what other people told me to do and started creating a business that worked with how my brain and body thrive.

Want to know the secret to helping more people without losing your shit?

You Need A Scalable Offer

A scalable offer leverages your time so that you can help more people WITHOUT working more hours.

This style of offer, whether it’s a group program or course or membership or digital product, takes your actions and multiplies them to reach more people, increasing your impact and your earning potential.

And this is not a one-size-fits-all approach to business. You have your own unique skills and your own unique dislikes. Your offers can—must—take that into account. And if you’re burnt out, overbooked, and heading for broke, then it’s time to find a new way to grow your business for the people just waiting for your help.


"I took Sarah’s Scalable Offer Workshop in the middle of a kind of turbulent moment: I was just starting to work for myself full time, relying on art commissions to cover my bills, & not knowing how I’d be able to sustain my workload for the week I’d need to recover from a minor surgery. Sarah taught me to start before I was ready, to stop being the bottleneck in my own business, and to harness the power of the Beta Launch. Because of that, I made $1,500 (as I was recovering from surgery) from my first ever online course before I even started writing it. It has paid for itself 50x over. Literally!"
Emily Prentice

Are you ready to increase your income and impact while providing immense value to your customers and taking care of your needs?

Then join me to create your scalable offer in just two days!

Your Scalable Offer:
A Live Two-Day Workshop

April 17 + 18, 1-3pm ESt

In Just Two Short Days You Will...

The only thing standing between you and the business you dream of is an offer that both takes your needs into account and provides amazing results for your customers.

So let’s make it. Together.

"I joined Sarah's Scaleable Offer Workshop with several failed product launches under my belt. I knew I wanted to offer a virtual retreat, "invigorEight" providing eight days of breathwork but I didn't know how to take the first step. I was also worried about offering a higher-priced ticket item because I spent much of spring 2020 leading free or deeply discounted virtual circles. At the start of my launch I had 140 people on my mailing list, I ended up enrolling 25 people, and I was able to offer three full scholarships. I received great feedback after invigorEIGHT and I now plan to hold virtual retreats biannually. "
Chauna Bryant

The Details Of Your Live Workshop

April 17 + 18, 1-3pm ESt

What You Get

Or two monthly payments of $99

Note: this is a workshop. You will be doing work, not passively consuming content. If you show up and participate fully, you will leave with a scalable offer ready to run through the Test Balloon Beta Method and sell!

"I get 100 ideas a day, but have had the painful experience of launching a product to crickets, which feels like such a disappointing waste of work. The key insight that I learned from the Scalable Offer workshop was that I don't have to spend all that time building something that people don't want, and that asking my audience what would help them not only saves me a bunch of time and effort, but it also connected me to my audience better, and made them more invested in the product I was launching. I launched a down-and-dirty bookkeeping spreadsheet system for artists to do their books more simply and intuitively, and it was a massive hit. I had my first ever $10,000 launch."
Hannah Cole

Have Questions? We Have Answers!

The live workshop is 1-3pm EST (mind the time zone!) on April 17 + 18.

Can’t make it live, or can only come for part of it? No worries! The entire workshop will be recorded and will be yours for keeps when you register. You’ll be able to work through the framework to create your scalable offer on your own time—and come back to the recordings again in the future for any offers you want to make down the road.

Fuck yeah it’s for you! If you already had absolute clarity on your offer, you’d be out there selling it, not looking at this page. In the workshop, we’ll work together step-by-step to create your scalable offer. All you need is an inkling of an idea and the willingness to try new things (and be coachable!), and you’ll leave with your scalable offer ready to go.


This workshop is focused on service providers and educators. However, the frameworks we’re using can be adapted for physical product makers! 

Here’s the catch: it’s going to require you thinking about your business model in a completely different way. If you’re willing to think outside of the box (and you really want to reach more people when production hours are already maxed out), then this workshop can definitely help you.

Quick note: we will not be covering the “traditional” scaling model topics for physical products like supply chain and hiring. If that’s what you’re looking for, the workshop is not for you.

Nope. I stand by this workshop 100% (and past participants have generated between $1500-$10,000 within weeks from just what I teach in these two days), and in order to fully support you in creating your scalable offer, I need to know that you’re all in. With lifetime access to the replay, you’ll have exactly what you need to use these tools time and again to grow your scalable business. 

"Sarah's approach with her step-by-step framework and her mindset coaching was so incredibly do-able that I plan to always use this process with every new launch I create. She has tons of business knowledge, and is that sort of tough love coach that knows what to say in order for you to come to that feeling of trust within yourself. I never knew I could love my business this much. Such a game changer."
Eliza Ceci

Meet Your Guide

Hi, I'm Sarah!

I help spiritual entrepreneurs like you attract $5k+ months so they can sustain themselves and give back to their communities without working crazy hours or feeling like they’re selling out.

I’m the founder of the Holistic Business Academy and the Holistic Business Incubator, where I teach values-driven foundational sales and marketing techniques that harness both strategy and intuition to help you make money like a mystic.

When not teaching and coaching online, you can find me petting my dog and doing witchy shit.