How to Fix Your Membership

Your membership shouldn't be burning you out. If it is, chances are that you've fallen into some common traps. Tune in to learn how to fix your membership and make sure it helps both you and your customers thrive.

Is your membership business making you feel trapped, overwhelmed, and burnt out?

Your membership was supposed to make life easier for you, not harder. But now you’re stuck doing more work than ever, you’re losing customers faster than you can replace them, and your membership is turning out to be unsustainable, unprofitable, and just not what you’d hoped it would be.

Don’t give up yet. If you run a membership that’s running you into the ground, chances are that you’ve fallen into some common traps. And the great news is, you can overcome these traps with some solid planning and restructuring.

In this episode, holistic business coach Sarah M. Chappell outlines the four major reasons why memberships fail. She draws from her extensive experience running memberships and coaching other business owners to membership success to put together a comprehensive roadmap of pitfalls to avoid.

Once you’ve learned how to navigate through these common challenges, you’ll be well on your way to building a membership that provides immense value for your customers AND supports your well-being.

When properly implemented and integrated, your membership has the potential to highlight the best aspects of your expertise while providing consistent recurring revenue that allows you to feel energized about your work, minimize unnecessary labor, and help more customers than ever before.

So before you throw your membership in the trash, listen to this episode to find out why your membership isn’t working, and what you can do to make sure that it helps both you and your customers thrive.


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3:33—The primary challenges in the membership market
4:59—The biggest issue when people create memberships
14:25—Why you need a sustainable sales system
20:14—How to create a customer retention plan
27:36—Why integration into the rest of your business is key

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