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Being an entrepreneur is all about creating something that the world needs. Sarah discusses the things that pushed her into changing the way she structured her business, shifting from direct service and into community building, and more.

Being an entrepreneur is all about creating something that the world needs. As an entrepreneur, a question I ask myself all the time (thank you James Wedmore) is: “What can I do that no one else does?” The answers to that question tell you where your business has the most value.

I’ve actually been asking a lot of questions lately: I’m asking questions to myself, to others, and into the void of the Universe. One of the questions has been: “Hey! Where’s the vulnerability at?” Y’all, I have been craving some depth in my business life. I want real talk from folks doing things that are relevant to what I’m doing. I don’t want the shiny Instagram success story where everything turns out perfect, I want the nitty-gritty of what it felt like while you were getting there! Then, it occurred to me: If I’m not seeing this, does that mean that I’m avoiding this public act of vulnerability too?

It’s been a minute since we had a solo episode on this podcast, a “Sarah’s Soliloquy,” if you will. It seems like, if I am wanting people to be real about big business transformation, the uncertainty of decision making, and the things that drive us to take risks and imagine our lives differently, then I should probably show up and do it!

So, in this episode, I talk. I talk about the things that pushed me into changing the way I structured my business. I talk about shifting from direct service and into community building. I talk about bringing on new people and creating a team, instead of a One Woman Show. I talk about how I got my creativity back after a lot of burn out. I talk about what I am hoping for and working toward and where I am now.

I hope you’ll join me this week, not only for insight into the big things I’m learning right now (I narrowed it down to 3 today!) but also in sharing your own Behind the Scenes with the world that is hungry for authenticity and shared experience. I invite you to post and tag me in your own stories of growth, learning, trial and error, success and failure. Let’s all be in this together.

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5:39– Sarah gets vulnerable about the changes in her business

10:06– Maintenance Mode: Systems, Systems, Systems!

19:31– 3 big things I’m learning about: Customer fulfillment, breaking the habit of Doing it All, and the responsibility of Leveling Up.

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