When Will You Be Successful?

Sarah answers the question "when will I be successful?" and shows you how to create your own vision of success and set yourself up to achieve it.

What is success?

You’re probably scrolling through Instagram and seeing other small business owners boasting about their biz achievements, going on expensive vacations, or talking about their six-figure businesses.

And seeing these posts might have you wondering if you’re ever going to get there.

If you’re ever going to be able to afford that big, expensive vacation.

If you’re ever going to own a six-figure business.

And let’s be clear: just because someone is posting about their six-figure business doesn’t mean they’re making six-figures a year.

What you see on the surface of social media is not an accurate depiction of someone’s business. You have no idea what they did to get there. You have no idea what those numbers actually mean. 

Was that their gross or net income? 

How much did they spend to make that? 

Did they pay for that vacation or did someone else?

Trust me when I say that social media is not giving you a true image of success.

This week on the podcast I’m answering a question you’ve likely wondered about and maybe even asked: when will I be successful? I’m encouraging you to look at how you measure success. To think about what being successful would feel like, what your life would look like, and how to set goals to help you get there.

Tune in so you can create your own vision of success and set yourself up to achieve it.


1:15 – What does success mean? 

9:25 – What are you comparing to?

13:30 – My personal growth trajectory

20:00 – What I see with my customers

23:40 – Unfair advantages

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Episode 37: Pitching Corporate with Anna Toonk

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