Business is a Job

This episode covers why it’s actually good to treat your business like a job, and why you should let things be mundane. Sarah tells you how embracing the “job” aspect of her business has positively impacted her daily life.

Do you love what you do?

We’ve all been told that if you love what you do, it won’t feel like work. 

So when you set out to start your own business, you are ready for that feeling of alignment to set in and to feel truly fulfilled and happy in every moment of your business.

And when you get into the pieces of work that feel like, well, work, you’re frustrated. 

You’re burnt out. 

You’re feeling guilty that you’re not passionate about every piece of your work.

But you left your job! You found something you love!

So why aren’t you enjoying every moment?

Let’s be honest, there are always going to be parts of your business that are work. You’re not going to be passionate and excited about every HTML code, every email automation, or every database entry. 

This week on the podcast we’re talking about why it’s actually good to treat your business like a job. I’m telling you why you should let things be mundane, and how embracing this “job” aspect of my business has positively impacted my daily life.

Tune in so you can reassess your relationship with your business. (And maybe even take an actual day off!)


00:35 – The mundane vs. the sacred

3:16 – Why it’s good to let things be mundane

10:20 – Linking this back to Max Weber

15:30 – What it can mean if your business is a job

The Theology of Productivity 

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