Are You a Scammer?

Afraid you might be a scammer? This week, Sarah walks through what an intentional scam looks like so you can finally discover if you truly are a scammer. Hint: you're not!

Are you ripping people off?

Many of the people I work with have a huge fear of being a scammer. Being a spiritual entrepreneur, it’s common to have a heightened awareness of ethics that can lead you to regularly questioning yourself, undervaluing yourself, and worrying that you’re taking advantage of people.

You spend your time honing your skills, practicing on friends, perfecting your craft. Then you go out into the world and struggle to charge for your offers. You can’t possibly fathom that someone would want to spend their money with you.

You aren’t worth it.

You haven’t been practicing for long enough.

Your work has been a hobby for so long, no one will pay for it.

No one wants what you have to offer.

And once they do buy? Panic sets in. What if they realize you’re not good enough? What if they don’t get what they paid for? What if you’re taking advantage of them? What if you overcharged? What if you can’t deliver?

What if you are a scammer?

Lucky for you, I was just scammed, and feel pretty darn clear on this topic! This week I’m walking you through every step of how I got scammed by a moving company so you can finally understand what an intentional scam looks like and how it might appear in a small business like yours.

Tune in so you can step back, look at the ethics in your business, and discover if you truly are a scammer. (Hint: you’re not!)


2:10 – I just got scammed

7:45 – Breaking down intentional scams

21:00 – The importance of clear communication

24:00 – Delivering the service that was paid for

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