Quick Coaching with Sarah: Self Trust, Converting in a Facebook Group, & Intellectual Property Rights

In this Quick Coaching Tuesday episode, Sarah discusses trusting your own decision making, getting out of burnout, converting in a Facebook group, and intellectual property rights.

Welcome back to Quick Coaching Tuesday! I’m back with y’all, after a two week break to get through my latest HBA launch. That’s right! I take breaks from my regularly scheduled programming to get through intensive periods in my business. I do this because that helps me prevent burnout and allows me to be present and pumped when I return from my breaks! I’m mentioning this because burnout just happens to be the focus of one of our questions this week.


1:28– How do I trust my decision making? How do I get out of burn out?

12:02– How to manage the fear of putting yourself out there

17:48– Why isn’t my active Facebook group converting to new customers?

23:02– How do I balance protection and accessibility with my spiritual intellectual property?

HBA Validate Phase

Protect Your Magic HBA Bonus

Katherine de Vos Divine Law

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