2021 Business Predictions

If 2020 and the first couple weeks of 2021 have taught us anything, it’s that the illusion of stability is gone. This episode is a look ahead into the new year, and what Sarah's predicting about business in 2021.

The illusion of stability is gone.

If 2020 and the first couple weeks of 2021 have taught us anything, it’s that. Predictions feel challenging when our world is being turned upside down over and over again: A pandemic, uprisings, an attempted coup. How are we supposed to keep showing up to our daily grind as if everything is normal?

We’re not. And that is the gift and freedom that owning a small business gives us. When we have ourselves and our ideal clients to answer to, it is imperative that we are honest, compassionate, and flexible. We are not Amazon. We don’t guarantee 2 day delivery in the midst of a coup. We are humans living in the world we are creating.

I say all the time: Owning a business continues to be a revolutionary act because it brings your values into the world. When we are able to make our values into practices that touch other people, we create new worlds.

And here we are, in a new world! Small business owners have the opportunity to adapt and respond to it. But adapting isn’t just reactionary. It still requires thought, intention, and planning. So, this episode is a look ahead into 2021 and what my “spidey senses” are telling me that we can predict about business in the new year.

Join us this week to hear my business predictions for 2021 and learn about my new love affair with my autoresponder.


7:20– First prediction: The comeback of longform content.

16:29– Second prediction: Alternative advertising platforms.

19:55– Third prediction: Community in online programs.

24:35– Fourth prediction: Hardcore boundaries.

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