Lessons From a Year of HBA

Happy Anniversary, HBA! Sarah discusses all the big lessons learned from her first year of running a membership site. She shares all the wins, the things she learned to do differently, and what it takes to keep the humanity in a scalable business.

Happy Anniversary, HBA!

Can you believe that it’s been a year since I first launched the Holistic Business Academy? I sure can’t. When I first rolled it out last fall, I could never have imagined what this year was going to hold. I wasn’t “ready” and I had never done something like this before. Yet, here we stand and I just couldn’t be more proud.

So, this week on the podcast I am taking you through all the big lessons I have learned in my first year of running a membership site. I want to share all the things I am so glad I did, all the things I’m learning I need to do differently, and what it takes to keep the humanity I cherish in a scalable business.

Join me this week, as I get real vulnerable with my revenue numbers and even more excited about my goals for HBA.


3:59– How I set us up for success.

9:58– My day-to-day work as the owner of a membership site.

16:04– Not everyone likes me and that’s ok!

26:59– The reality of scale: More help, please!

45:52– The Seven Figure Mindset and my goals for moving forward.

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