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Coming January 2022

September 2021 Asset Review Call

This Asset Review call quickly morphed into an Asset-Laser Coaching combo. A review of a quiz response page followed by a conversation on web presence, content creating, and video camera copy.

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Virgo New Moon 2021

The next cycle of time unfolds rather slowly. It highlights the ways we grapple and contend with situations not going our way. You’re invited to thoroughly evaluate the resonance and efficiency of your work processes, your professional alliances and the quality of your visible presence. It can bring you to unpleasant and uncomfortable terrains. Still, it is a necessary descent into genuinely understanding how you’re faring in your work, emotionally and intellectually. Read further for details and gentle support for the upcoming lunar cycle’s astrological weather.

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Leo New Moon 2021

The new moon in Leo is like the sensation of reprieve after a particularly harrowing journey. It also serves as a spark of inspiration and bravery to allow yourself to change your direction. Sometimes taking two steps backwards is precisely the kind of strategy you need.

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