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Coming January 2022

November 2021 Asset Review Call

From an about section, to a group program sales page, to two product pages, this call covers a lot of ground. Topics include speaking to the transformation, copy clarity, and so much more.

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Scorpio New Moon 2021

The upcoming lunar cycle brings us towards eclipse season. The last time we were in the eclipse chasm was in May and June. Eclipses are the astronomical obstruction of the luminaries— the sun and moon. Astrologically they signify a cycle of axial crisis and seemingly urgent need to change direction.

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Libra New Moon 2021

The beginning of the next lunar cycle offers opportunities to intellectually lean into your regrets, sadness, and troubles. It’s a nerdy time of trouble-shooting, crisis management and harm reduction wherever possible. As the month closes, after much mental processing, the moment to move towards feelings is palpable. It’s important to remember that to be emotional is also to be embodied. A lot of naming emotions is about naming body sensations. Read through for more details and gentle guidance.

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