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Create, deliver, and scale your ideal membership without burning out

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Does any of this sound familiar?

You’ve launched your membership and have great customers, but you’re the bottleneck and worried that you can’t support more growth

You’ve been dreaming of recurring revenue to replace or supplement your booked-out 1:1 work, but have no idea what to include in your program

You have a membership but sales have been stagnant, and you don’t know how to make enough revenue for it to be worth the effort

You crave business consistency but are on the offer hamster wheel, making something new each month to try to boost sales

You already know that you can't scale your membership alone—it's time to get the strategy and support you deserve

Imagine how you'll feel once you...

Create your dream membership or update your existing one with an outstanding curriculum, fantastic customer results, and healthy boundaries

Launch high-converting promotions that consistently sell your membership without starting from scratch each time

Scale your membership with the help and processes you need to support hundreds—even thousands—of members without burning out

Set-up your systems so you can automate, delegate, and simplify your business, increasing impact while working even less

The Membership Accelerator guides you to combine an outstanding membership product with custom scalable sales and delivery systems so your customers have an amazing experience without you having to be "on" all the time

Inside the Membership Accelerator you’ll be with other high-level, values-driven entrepreneurs who are taking powerful action and impacting thousands with their work. 

You’ll be on the accelerated path, able to reach your goals faster because you’ll have our complete Scalable Membership System, plug-and-play templates, and the consistent support you need including weekly calls and hands-on help from our team.

We personally review your copy and materials (landing pages, sales pages, ads, emails, etc.) giving you direct and actionable feedback on content, strategy, and messaging, as well as your program curriculum, systems, launch plans, and more so you can feel fully confident as you scale your membership.

The Membership Accelerator is for you whether or not you've started a membership already

"I already have a membership"

Great! So many people have come to us specifically for help scaling an already successful membership or to fix a membership that has become overwhelming and unsustainable.

If you’re worried about growing too fast, having trouble getting consistent sales, feeling that you’ve exhausted your audience, or are stuck trying to hire and grow your team, the Membership Accelerator will help you to streamline your systems and focus on the most high value actions so you can enjoy your membership (and that sweet recurring revenue!) without losing yourself in the process.

"I don't have a membership yet..."

Great! You’ll have the advantage of building a sustainable and scalable membership from the ground up, bypassing months—even years—of stressful late nights trying to figure out what’s going wrong. You’re an expert in your field and have plenty of experience helping your clients get results, and now it’s time to increase your impact without it being tied to the number of hours you’re working.

Inside the Membership Accelerator, you’ll be guided to craft a membership that works for you as much as it does for your customers, creating an amazing curriculum and program that is designed to scale. You’ll be able to test launch your membership to ensure it’s the right fit for you and your audience, and be ready to grow it asap.

"With the support of the Membership Accelerator, the beta launch of Hedge+Riders welcomed 73 trance-enthusiasts—well exceeding my goal of 40 beta members!"
Ren Zatopek
Ren+Spiritwork | Teacher & Trailguide

👋🏻 Hi, I'm Sarah!

Over three years ago I made a bold and scary move in my business. I shut down my product line, stopped offering 1:1 healing sessions, and started something brand new: a community membership program.

At the time I knew only a handful of membership owners, and they were all burnt out and exhausted. It seemed like every month was a crisis, and they were always creating new content or doing giveaways to try to get people to join.

I knew there had to be a better way. 

So I took my 15+ years of sales, marketing, and communication experience and put them to work launching the Holistic Business Academy®. Our membership went from zero to six figures annual recurring revenue in under a year, but most importantly our growth is sustainable, our program delivery is joyfully simple, and our members are changing their lives.

Over three years and hundreds of thousands of dollars in recurring revenue later, I can confidently say that we have cracked the code on sustainable and scalable memberships.

Today, our membership supports hundreds of people, creates jobs, and facilitates amazing results for our customers (you can see a few fantastic member wins below!) while allowing our team to take ample time off and work in a calm, panic-free environment.

What will your membership make possible for you and your community?

What's Included In The Membership Accelerator Program

Access to the 7-Month Membership Accelerator Curriculum and Program

This program is intentionally designed as a 7-month experience to allow us the time to create (or refine) your membership as a scalable product, build your sales system, and refine your processes so you can grow as fast as you want without being afraid that your business will breakdown. This gives us ample time to test your launches, optimize your evergreen funnel, hire team members, boost that recurring revenue, and ensure that you’re building the membership business that best supports you!

Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Each week we have a group coaching call so you can get the custom support you need to make progress. This call is where we’ll discuss business strategy, fix mindset issues, address funnel challenges and process breakdowns, and more. Any roadblocks you encounter as you scale your membership, we’ll be here.

Personalized Feedback and Coaching

Get our direct feedback on your business. Our team gives you personalized, precise coaching and strategy advice on your membership offer, sales systems, business processes, program delivery, and more. You can even get our eyes on your sales copy, emails, ads, and social media promotion posts. You’ll always know where to get help, and how to gain the clarity you need to move forward towards your goals.

Private Client-Only Group

Connect with other high-level business owners in this exclusive program who are scaling their memberships to six figures or more, just like you. You’ll be able to network, make friends, and see the behind-the-scenes of other successful membership businesses, as well as ask questions and get support from our team between calls.

Full Curriculum, Template, and Standard Operating Procedure Library

Access our growing library of trainings, step-by-step curriculum, templates, and operating procedures to take the guesswork out of scaling your membership. Inside you’ll find the tools to scale your membership, hire a team, diversify sales methods, work with affiliates, track member success, and more. 

"The bulk of my income came from my 8-week classes which I offer three times a year, but for the rest of the time, I scrambled to fill in the gaps of my income with one-on-one clients and workshops. I launched my membership out of beta with an astounding 19% conversion rate. Now, I am making around 600% more revenue with my membership than I was with when I ran my membership through Patreon (and I'm *not* creating weekly content anymore)."
Rochelle Sugawa
Rochelle Sugawa
Founder, Psychic, and Spirit Educator at Brown Bruha

With our help, you will...

The Membership Accelerator's Scalable Membership System

Phase 1: Product

The key to any successful business is an amazing product, yet many membership owners just throw everything and the kitchen sink into their programs, believing that more is more. Your scalable membership will be a no-brainer offer and you’ll learn what to include (and what not to include!), how to position it, and how to deliver an amazing customer experience in a way that is easy for you. If you already have a membership, we’ll optimize it to be scalable and simple as you grow.

Phase 2: Process

A membership business is only as good as its systems, so we’re giving you ours! No more guessing what a “real” membership looks like. Instead, implement the best strategies for streamlined program delivery, onboarding, community management, customer support, and more so you can focus more on delighting your members and less on the things that leave you exhausted.

Phase 3: Promotion

If you want a successful membership, you have to sell it. Consistently. A membership is not a one-and-done sale, and most overwhelmed membership owners are distracted by creating new offers or are too afraid to promote more than a couple times per year. You’ll create a scalable sales system that combines live and automated processes to welcome new members 24/7, create a promotion calendar that is easy to rinse-and-repeat, and learn how to boost revenue without falling prey to shiny objects.

"The program has given me a step-by-step structure to follow to setup, build, and grow my business. As a sole-proprietor, I deeply value the sense of support from the MA team. It really feels like they are part of my team...This program has helped me prove to myself that I can create & run a membership that feels true to what I offer - and sustain it long-term."
Amanda Holston
Amanda Holston
Intuitive Artist & Creator of Unseen Hands Tarot

We are redefining what's possible in the membership industry, and you're invited to join us

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"The most powerful takeaway for me has been the onboarding/member management guides to make sure that once I GET people in the membership, I make sure it continues to deliver on the transformation. The webinar launch process has also been a godsend by helping me organize my thoughts into a cohesive webinar training. Like holy FUCK, I look GOOD, I know what I'm DOING."
Caitlin Fisher
Caitlin Fisher
Creativity Witch at Caitlin Liz Fisher Coaching

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