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Advanced Trainings

In-depth workshops and group programs for scaling businesses
At the Holistic Business Academy, we believe that small business is a most magnificent magic with the ability to directly impact lives and change communities.
We’re just like you. We’ve spent our days scrolling Instagram as if likes equal sales.
We’ve buried our spiritual practices in service of productivity, and experienced the deep burnout of being cogs in capitalism.

We’ve done all the “right” things and the “wrong” things to make the authorities in our lives happy at the expense of our souls.

We’ve betrayed our health, our brains, our priorities, and our identities in the hopes of just getting by.

And we’re done with that old paradigm of bro-infused hustle that separates our whole selves from our work.

So we created a new way.
That’s what we’re doing at the Holistic Business Academy: reinventing business for those of us who don’t quite fit the mold.

Because of the packages I launched because of HBA my January was 165% of my Jan 2020 and 168% of my Jan 2019. My February numbers are shaping up to be more of the same with patients scheduled throughout the week and I’m currently sitting at only 82% of my Feb 2020 and and 86% of my Feb 2019. This is huge because I’m currently only allowed to operate at 50% capacity!

Jessica Gustafson, acupuncturist

Our Guest Experts

Our programs thrive thanks to expert teachers who bring their varied experience to our community. The Holistic Business Academy membership and advanced programs feature trainings from brilliant leaders and educations such as… 

Charm Torres astrologer

Monthly Astroweather

with Charm Torres, professional astrologer and tarot reader

Alexis Bushnell

Instagram 101

with Alexis Bushnell, social media guide at Social Media for Humans

Tiger Rahman

Authentic Leadership

with Tiger Rahman, founder & guide at Live Your Own Life

Hannah Cole

Taxes for Solopreneurs

with Hannah Cole, artist, tax expert, and founder of Sunlight Tax

Katherine de Vos Devine

Protect Your Magic

with Katherine de Vos Devine, lawyer at de Vos Devine Law, PLLC

Breathwork for Business

with Chauna Bryant, founder of Breath Liberation Society

and more!

Do you want more clients and customers?

Do you believe in service and are ready to be properly compensated for it?
Do you want to choose collaboration over competition?
Do you want to leave perfectionism behind and step into action?
Do you want to finally learn how the fuck to market yourself in a way that gets you excited to share your work with the world?
Do you want to do all of these things in a supportive, welcoming community of soul-centered entrepreneurs just like you?
Through our free resources, membership community, workshops, incubators, and accelerator programs, the Holistic Business Academy has helped thousands of spiritual entrepreneurs like you to build sustainable, supportive businesses. Are you next?

Blown away by the fact that I booked 150 readings in just the first 2 months of the year, completely booking out my schedule until I relaunch my offerings in late March. For context, I did about 52 readings in all of 2019. It’s funny bc I only expected to book around 30-40 readings, but Sarah’s voice was always in the back of my head saying “double your goal!” I did, and look what happened!

Kirah Tabourn, astrologer

Weekly Newsletter

The best of our renowned podcast and blog, direct to your inbox (for free!)

Advanced Trainings

In-depth workshops and group programs for scaling businesses

Our Core Team

Sarah M. Chappell

Sarah is the founder of the Holistic Business Academy. Sarah has over fifteen years of sales, marketing, and communications experience, and has spent the past several years helping hundreds of small business owners grow sustainable, supportive businesses.

Marisa Beachdell

Marisa is a public relations specialist, licensed massage therapist, and people/animal lover. As the community manager for the Holistic Business Academy, she uses her years of service, sales, and marketing experience to help soul-centered entrepreneurs manifest their business dreams.