Are you a soul-centered entrepreneur?

Do you know that there are people who need your help, but can’t quite figure out how to reach them?

How would it feel to craft a life of self-care and service, all while attracting your ideal clients and customers so you can have a massive impact on people’s lives while growing your income?


  • seeing your appointment calendar fully booked months in advance with the folks you can most support, or checking your email to find order upon order for your handcrafted product
  • being able to prioritize your own physical and mental health while still serving your community
  • having the resources you want to support yourself and give back
  • believing that you’re worthy of those resources, and fully embracing the value of your work
Now imagine doing all of this in complete alignment with who you are as a spiritual and practical person, so business becomes a radical act of joy and strength rather than a manifestation of your deepest fears.
That’s what we do at the Holistic Business Academy®. We make magic and money. We care for ourselves and serve.
We’re just like you. We’ve spent our days scrolling Instagram as if likes equal sales.
We’ve buried our spiritual practices in service of productivity, and experienced the deep burnout of being cogs in capitalism.
We’ve done all the “right” things and the “wrong” things to make the authorities in our lives happy at the expense of our souls.
And we’re done with that old paradigm of bro-infused hustle marketing that separates our souls from our work.
At the Holistic Business Academy, we believe that small business is a most magnificent magic with the ability to directly impact lives and change communities.

Do you want more clients and customers?

Do you believe in service and are ready to be properly compensated for it?
Do you want to choose collaboration over competition?
Do you want to leave perfectionism behind and step into action?
Do you want to finally learn how the fuck to market yourself in a way that gets you excited to share your work with the world?
Do you want to do all of these things in a supportive, welcoming community of soul-centered entrepreneurs just like you?


Sarah M. Chappell

Sarah is a holistic business strategist and coach on a mission to help folks craft lives of self-care and service.

A decade of addiction and a lifetime of anxiety and depression led Sarah to discover tarot as a tool for self-care. Embracing a spiritual practice led to massive shifts in her experience of the world, and underpins all of the work she offers today.

Sarah has over a decade of sales, marketing, and communications experience working with companies such as Condé Nast, Time Inc., Skurnik Wines & Spirits, Beverage Media, and more.

In the past several years, she has turned her focus to small businesses, and is delighted to have supported hundreds of herbalists, astrologers, tarot readers, artists, therapists, acupuncturists, witches, healers, social workers, makers, and more through her courses, coaching, mentorship, and private practice.

Sarah has been featured on USA Today, Well+Good, Healthline, The Temper, and Brit+Co, amongst others, and is the host of the iTunes Top 20 Spirituality podcast So You Wanna Be A Witch.

When not offering what has been called “*so* good and *so* ouchie” transformational support to her students and clients, Sarah hangs out with her dog and partner, tries to remember she loves knitting so she’ll actually do it, and reads. A lot.

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